This Blog has Moved!!

Hello, hello my dedicated friends and readers!

I am here, once again, to let you all know that my blog has moved.

I have realized over the past few months that I haven’t been writing as much as I used to. I got out of the routine. I wasn’t into it. I felt I have nothing to write about, worth reading. Plus, every time I would log into my account to start writing a post, I would wait and wait and wait…and wait for the page to load, to reconnect, to come back from outer space…it was getting on my nerves so much that I just stopped writing altogether.

Jamie and I started talking about it and it hit both of us, why are we paying for something that 1- doesn’t work more than half the time 2- I’m not using as much as I used to and 3- is a really big pain in the butt when I wanted to change anything….?????

So, we decided I would go back to Blogger/Blogspot. It’s free, it loads quickly, it’s easy to change and learn and did I say it’s free!? heehee

So, here I am (again) giving you my new blog address. I’m hoping it’s an easier process for you as well; for opening pages, loading pictures and being able to read with no problems. If you could let me know if everything is loading the right way for you, either mobile or on your computers, it would be a great help, for I don’t have a phone up to par with making sure these issues are settled.

As I said in a post not too long ago, I am going to really try to write more this year and I think this is a step in a great direction to be able to do that.

I hope you stop by the new site and keep coming back for more shenanigans!

The new site is:

Thanks for hanging in there with us, see you at the new spot!


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