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Boats. Beers. Babes. Bucks. Bazinga!

Last night as we lay howling with the dogs, we were trying to decide what to do with our one full day together, on this short weekend trek to Florida. We tossed around ideas of going to the beach, the shooting range, the dog beach or park, walking around downtown or just hanging out around…Continue Reading

Off to Florida we go…

We took off for the weekend to go visit our lil’ hoot (our daughter, Brittney). Her & her boyfriend just bought a house in Central Florida as well as bringing home the newest addition to their family… a gorgeous Doberman Pinscher named Dash. We just had to make a trek to go visit them and…Continue Reading

Joon van Spirit to Creek Chalet

Let’s see, where do I begin? Being back in Georgia has been a whirlwind of…well, everything! We found a place to live, while we’re here for the Summer and maybe into Winter (fingers crossed we won’t have to endure a Winter here). When we first arrived our friends were welcoming with more than open arms,…Continue Reading

Georgia on our Minds

Hello, hello, hello everybody!! Well, as you could imagine a lot has happened since the last time I posted…right when I think I’m going to get all over this blog, it seems our whole lives change. And change is probably the most common thing happening these days! We have moved from our lovely spot in…Continue Reading

Itchy feet may cause error in judgement

Well, we’re back on the road again looking for warmer temperatures…just can’t satisfy ourselves! We left Lake Havasu for cooler temps and ended up in Williams, where the temperatures were cooler…much much cooler than we had anticipated! Before going to bed, we made sure to get our Big Buddy heater out…just in case. Thank God…Continue Reading

Pegs, Pigs & More Pegs

I think we both have to say that getting the dirt bike/motorcycle has been one of the best things we could have possibly done for our lives as vandwellers. We can jump on at any time and hop over to the grocery store, get out of camp for a bit, experience a change of scenery,…Continue Reading

My Cup Runneth Over with Boredom

Been having quite the time with motivation lately….I have  All of this time on my hands and I don’t feel like doing an-y-thing! Someone told me about a year ago, that I should NEVER be bored…I’m too young to be bored. Okay. So…. I read (within a page)…I’m bored. I listen to music…I’m bored.…Continue Reading

WE GOT A NEW VAN!!!…well, kind of!!

I have been putting this post together for quite some time, and for this reason or that, it wasn’t ready to post…but now I feel like it’s ready to be turned loose! So…with no more hesitation I introduce… Joon van Spirit 2014 Edition C’mon…you think I’d give up all this hard work that easily? I…Continue Reading

Catch me if you can

I’m not going to lie…it’s really easy to find other things to do than sit down and write a post for this blog. I guess I only have myself to blame, along with my new computer (and my other lame excuses)…which has taken up a good majority of my time with the screen jumping back…Continue Reading