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Some people are getting confused with the change of our name for our blog.

We have changed our blog site to

2completespirits no longer exists (we are still two complete spirits in the sense but online it no longer exists).

We hope you will continue to follow along on this crazy ride we’re on! And I am hoping there will be no more changes like this…for everyone’s benefit!


This Blog has Moved!!

Hello, hello my dedicated friends and readers! I am here, once again, to let you all know that my blog has moved. I have realized over the past few months that I haven’t been writing as much as I used to. I got out of the routine. I wasn’t into it. I felt I have…Continue Reading

F is for Fun with Friends in February!!

Over the past few weeks, we have been enjoying our “Winter weather” way too much! Some days, well….most days, we say to each other that we feel like we are living on an entirely different planet than the rest of the U.S. We have been quite lucky to have only had one full week of…Continue Reading

An Idea Comes to Life…Thank you for your Support!!

An idea, a friend of ours had, has actually come to fruition. I had actually thought of this last year but didn’t think I was “good enough” so never went ahead with it, nor even thought much more about it. This week….that has changed. We were tossing the idea around again and my (amazing) hubby…Continue Reading

‘Tis Many Tramps Among Us

Hello 2015! We have had quite a good start to the new year, and we are hoping you have too! I can’t believe that January is almost over, although it seems to have lasted quite a while. Sometimes I can’t believe how many memories just one month brings…and to think we get 12 of them,…Continue Reading

Moving into 2015

Hey ya’ll…. Just wanted everyone to know we’re still kicking and doing good. We’ll be coming back at ya in 2015 better than ever…or at least I’m gonna try…I really am! I hope all of you have the happiest of all holidays and are able to spend them with friends and family or at the…Continue Reading

The Days Dwindle Down

The weather is changing. We are wearing more jeans, boots and jackets. The leaves are turning beautiful colors and falling off the trees. It’s definitely the season of change and change is exactly what we need! Our time is coming to a close here in North Georgia, we’ve got about 2 weeks left and we’ll…Continue Reading


I just had to log on today to let everyone know…. we paid our last months rent today! We will still be here for another two months, but rent is done being paid and now it’s time to save, save, save!!! We are very excited to be ending this leg of our journey very soon…Continue Reading

It’s that time again! Time to Celebrate!!

Been “home” a week already. Now the celebration starts here. July is our month; to celebrate, have fun, really let loose, get jiggy with it, love each other, laugh together to relive moments and make new ones…it’s a great month for us! Birthdays galore & a couple of Anniversaries. We start out with our “1st…Continue Reading

Back to Where we Started from

Shortest trip ever…or what!? Yep, we’re home from our excursion to Florida to see ‘the kids’….ahhhh what a trip, always good to see our lil Hoot and JP! Wouldn’t ya know that as soon as we exited the boat yesterday, the sky opened up one hella storm. It rained most of the night into the…Continue Reading